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Anvil Security and Guard Company works by a team specialized in managing security and guarding works at a high level of professional and technical performance
Insure and guards the facilities

We specialize in providing security services, armed, And unarmed agents, In the public and private sectors, according to the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior, where work teams from security personnel are selected with caution. According to the needs of each client, after passing many rigorous tests and checks, bearing in mind that all our security personnel are trained.

Industrial Safety

The company has technical cadres who hold training courses in the field of industrial security, civil defense, fire and the method of evacuation in order to secure factories and companies against the dangers of fire and natural disasters, as well as the presence of a group of specialists in this field to study the possibilities of sites and the availability of security and safety systems for firefighting agencies and to develop emergency plans to protect the facility .

Security consulting

The security consultations provided by security and guard companies in Egypt are nothing but a plan to deal with all forms of threats and breaches that could be exposed to the work system within the facility that is being secured, Through it, it can monitor the risks and hostilities targeting any institution according to the nature of its work and the surrounding circumstances.

Guard dogs

Anvil has a special unit of dogs trained and equipped to assist in securing the facilities and assist the security men on the security service tool in the highest form of generosity where the dogs are trained to guard and detect explosives and crackers through a training course at the Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior

Securing parties and events

Anvil Company has a special department whose job is to secure important conferences and parties, and we rely on distinguished security personnel who are trained in immediate dealing and private guards.

The private guards

Anvil has a special department for private and personal guards, which is a service that Gards relies on to provide to men of high mental and physical abilities.
And those with experience who work to train and rehabilitate them are a group of elite cadres who have previously worked in the private guards of the police or the armed forces

The security and guarding process is carried out through the implementation of the following tasks

  • Implementation of standing and emergency instructions for the site and the facility
  • Control of entrances and exits and protect side fences from intruders
  • Recording the movement of visitors and delegates in the books designated for that
  • Follow up on the movement of approved permits and insist that they be registered and approved by officials before leaving
  • Recording the movement of supplies and raw materials in the dedicated books
  • Control the movement of cars during their entry and exit .
  • Inform the customer about the events that harm the site and collect the largest amount of information about the event and present it to the officials immediately
  • Make a comprehensive survey of the building after leaving and make sure that it is empty of workers
  • Not approaching suspicious things
  • Inspection of workers and visitors during the exit according to the instructions of the site
  • Anvil Company also carries out civil defense and industrial security work to confront any threat to the health and safety of the facility and its workers .
  • It also carries out periodic maintenance and follow-up work for surveillance cameras, security devices, alarm and monitoring devices, and comprehensive maintenance work for the facility. .
  • Securing public and private parties and conferences with the highest means of protection and safety, including personnel and equipment
  • Securing facilities entrances and gates and inspecting cars with dogs trained to detect explosives and deal with suspicious objects

Specifications of security personnel

Individuals with higher and intermediate qualifications. All individuals enjoy good appearance and high physical and mental fitness to enable them to act in all situations in a manner appropriate with them.

Age starts from 25 to 45 years. Appropriate appearance as a basic condition before appointment. Height not less than 180 cm .

The security personnel receives training courses at the Ministry of the Interior, and Gards provides all security personnel with continuous training courses to raise the efficiency of the security individual at the hands of specialized experts from the police and the armed forces .

We also have all security personnel trained in rescue work, administrative evacuation, firefighting, and physical fitness to deal in all difficult circumstances.

Guard plan

  • Guarding and insurance for 24 hours a day, distributed on (two patrols, day and night, each patrol operates on a 12-hour system or three shifts, each patrol operates on an 8-hour system. .
  • The eleventh: Functions of command and control centers
  • Executing the security and guarding plan in accordance with the standing instructions
  • Ensure that individuals are informed of their tasks and duties assigned to them
  • Ensure that individuals wear the company uniform
  • Ensure the presence of individuals at guard points and ensure complete vigilance
  • Continuous traffic on the site and to ensure that there are no security violations

The method of operating the company

We differ from other companies working in this field because the operation starts from the management and ends with the security personnel with following up the client (by e-mail – fax – phone) daily and informing him of any variables that occur on the site through the reports sent to him so that he is familiar with the company with all the security measures on the site with Sending its report at the end of each month about the security situation, the developments that have taken place in it, and all the gaps to be avoided in the future.

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