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Types of surveillance camera systems

There are two types of surveillance cameras: Indoor surveillance cameras and external surveillance cameras. Both of these types have fixed and mobile surveillance cameras, As well as wired and wireless cameras, The most important of them are:

Fixed surveillance cameras

It is one of the types of cameras that can only be moved by the method of installing it from the beginning. It will not be a remote camera, but it contains a telephoto lens.

Mobile surveillance cameras

Mobile surveillance cameras are one of the types of cameras that the company uses in surveillance systems, which it is called PTZ. It contains zoom that is moved left and right with 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical. It also contains the zoom feature that is measured by the X zoom, when the camera zoom increases, the zoom level increases with it, and the image appears clearly. It also has a Fox feature that adjusts the image, including internal and external, to be selected according to the desired distance to be monitored.

DVR recording devices

It is one of the devices that is used with surveillance cameras in order to view and record the videos that come from the surveillance cameras, It is also used to adjust the security camera settings using special methods that adapt to the location. Recording devices are divided into several types, but operate at the same resolution to be compatible with surveillance cameras.

Reasons to install safety systems for your company

  1. Protecting the property and objects of the company.
  2. Contributes to protecting company information and secrets.
  3. Scare criminals.
  4. A good way to monitor and manage work.
  5. The best way to detect criminals and thieves.
  6. Gives a sense of security and safety in the company.
  7. It works to monitor people who steal its information.