Many of our company’s customers ask themselves whether they are responsible for attending. Leave the employees in their company or in their stores Commercial or enterprises they own, One of the great responsibilities it bears is to follow up on the attendance and departure of the company’s employees. In this case, if you are one of the persons responsible for attendance and departure, you should seek the help of one of the most important and largest systems companies Attendance and departure using the latest mechanisms .

Fingerprint attendance and departure systems

Our company provides all our valued customers with fingerprint attendance and departure devices, All of them are modern systems and an easy-to-use method, as the device can record more than one fingerprint for more than one person and this is an advantage of that system, There is also a fingerprint device for employees that works with the card, and this is one of the most modern types of the fingerprint device.

Reasons to use the fingerprint attendance and departure systems

There are many reasons why every person who owns a company or shop resort to using attendance and departure systems

By fingerprint and among the most important reasons for its use are the following:

  1. It is used to calculate the employees’ salaries according to the number of working hours during the month.
  2. It helps to know the number of employees absent from work in specific periods that you can determine yourself.
  3. It works to provide a special file for each employee that contains all his information such as personal photo, qualifications, permitted vacation days and mobile numbers.
  1. It has the ability to add the attendance and departure of employees in two ways, either by manual registration or by using a fingerprint device.
  1. It works to connect all employees with the main branch of the company, the nature of his work, and his initial position.