Safety is the word that many stop on, as people are always looking for a modern way to help them feel safe,Dear customer, you do not need to ask from time to time about the place and the method that provides you with security and safety, There is no better than The use of alarms of various types and uses.

Types of alarms

Fire alarms:

This type of alarm can either be audible for the individuals present in the buildings or the place in which it is located

Earphone, Or it could be a device that emits some light signals that those present notice through their vision, But everyone

Audible fire alarm is preferred.

Electrical alarm system:

This system has two types, including a fire alarm, which works when the buttons are pressed, as those devices operate by current

Electrophoresis By it, buttons are distributed in the various parts of the building with a convenient strategic location, The second type is alarms

Telephone operation and the operation of this system depends on the telephone network of the building. Telephone devices are installed in all departments

The building and that network is concerned with reporting fires.

Automatic alarm system:

This system contains many detection and sensitive heads with a panel that shows the location of the fire accurately, whereas

Sensitive detection heads are two types of them that are affected by high temperatures and are known as sensitive detection heads,

And the second type is affected by smoke and fumes that rise, as well as by the gases resulting from the fire, and they are called detector heads

For smoke and this system works with electric current.

Theft and alarm systems

There are several uses for theft and alarm systems, including the following:

  • Alarm installation helps to warn of the presence of fire.
  • A burglar alarm is installed.
  • Prevents theft of cars and institutions.

Protects companies, institutions, homes, offices and more.

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