The X-Control is one of the modern devices that are used to control door opening. The device works via the password Or by magnetic cards, It works to store 2000 passwords as well as it includes an internal alarm that is triggered when any A person saves an incorrect password more than one consecutive time. The X-Control device is used for institutions, companies, villas, palaces, and also for homes, It is used for anywhere that needs safety The customer cannot use this device unless by giving the correct password.

Access Control components
The X Control device contains Several components that improve the performance of the device at work, which are as follows:

Electronic Card:

It is a card containing an electronic chip that sends signals to the reader when approaching the device, And for each card

A password that differs from any other card used for the same system.

Hermetic port:

It is the door or entrance that X-Control is installed on, but the port must be tight in order to be successfully secured.

Electronic card reader:

He is considered the only one responsible for reading the card from a distance and working on sending the information on the control panel, which is called this technology Wigand

control Board:

It is a pre-programmed panel through which the written information about the reader is received and analyzed, and then the necessary order is issued.

Software system:

It is the software system responsible for recording the information of people that use X-Control, such as name and profession, As it be

He can control the permissible period of dealing with the system and its validity period and control the mechanism of the system, It is possible to extract

Reports are daily for users and can be referred to at any time.

Reasons to use Access Control

There are many reasons that drive the customer to use X-Control, which are as follows:

Get safe and secure.

Prevent entry to any person whose identity is unknown.

Limits the entry of criminals and thieves.

Define specific people to enter and exit.