About company

Anvil Security Services Company is an Egyptian national joint stock company and it is one of the largest specialized companies working in the field of insurance and guards and holding specialized training courses in many different scientific fields such as security, occupational safety and electronic security, in addition to providing security studies preparation services necessary for companies and major sites, And providing all kinds of electronic security systems, including surveillance cameras, Electronic entry and exit systems, And early warning system, wireless communication devices, and all kinds of electronic gates<br>
We started to work in the field of security, and our goal is constant and our vision is clear, which is to obtain the full satisfaction of our customers through the distinguished level of service. And work to constantly improve the level of individuals carrying out the service by keeping pace with and applying the latest training and indoctrination systems in line with the technical and scientific level of workers in various fields, so we use the latest methods and use the best experiences in the security and service field related to it.

Our goal

The primary mission of (Anvil Security and Guard Systems Company) is to protect the lives, properties and installations of our customers. We provide tailor-made solutions to suit the client’s needs in all emergency situations, In a manner that does not contradict human rights and laws, local and international laws and regulations, It also always results to benefit from the scientific and technological developments in the various security fields to help us achieve our goals and objectives.
And in order to ensure the continuation of customer satisfaction with our performance, we always work to monitor the quality of services provided through the company’s operations room, which works 24 hours a day to follow up on employees and security personnel working at the same time, as well as receiving complaints and suggestions from our gentlemen clients, hoping to achieve the satisfaction of our customers As our primary goal
And in order to achieve this goal, we considered the individual to be the focus of security, so we set specific criteria when selecting him and developing his own skills, and we also put in mind the interest in training individuals and developing training plans for them commensurate with their work to equip them with new skills.
An operating system commensurate with the nature of the institution has also been developed to achieve the desired goal, and a monitoring and follow-up system has been established for security personnel with good supervisors working 24 hours. Modern security equipment is also used in the application of security measures

Our vision

(Anvil Security and Guard Systems Company) works within the framework of a specific vision that specializes in professional security services and in enhancing the security and safety of its customers through continuous development and provision of the latest security technology and methods, Observing and controlling quality, And always being prepared to deal with various risks, and always working to achieve the goals of customers in the areas of security and occupational safety

Our policy

(Anvil Security and Guard Systems Company) is keen to provide the highest level of service requested by the client, and in this regard, the company shall adhere to its clients with the following:
Choosing the best elements to perform the required security service.
– Re-evaluation on an ongoing basis to ensure continued customer satisfaction.
Honesty, honesty and accuracy in providing information to the client.
Customer satisfaction with service is the measure of success.

Company activity and field of work

Securing and guarding all joint public and private facilities.

Providing a distinct security system for banks, residential towers, clubs, cinemas, amusement parks, markets, shops, factories, warehouses, tourist villages, residential complexes and garages.

Establish a distinct security and guard system for the projects under construction.

VIP insurance and protection.

– Securing special events (conferences – matches – seminars – parties) and arranging the necessary equipment for that.

Providing security advice through a selection of the expertise of the armed forces and the police.

Providing the best elements in industrial safety and fire and plans for various sites and supervising their implementation.

– Security technology (alarm and control systems, television surveillance and firefighting).

Training and developing training plans in all areas of security through a distinguished, experienced and highly qualified elite.

Guard dogs and their handlers to provide the security requirements required by the security work.